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Ishindenei – conveying your thoughts

In Japan, I often see English words or sentences on everyday goods such as T-shirts, noticeboards or even patisserie boxes and I often find myself doing a double take and reading the English again either because I didn’t understand what the English was supposed to mean or simply because the English translation was funny enough to be Instagram-worthy. If even simple T-shirt slogans can create confusion or laughs, think what damage a bad translation of a legal contract or a financial report can do.
Translation software has admittedly come along in huge leaps and bounds in the last few years and short simple sentences can often be translated quite well. That said, humans are much more complex than software realizes and so the true intent can often only be communicated through inference, surmised by reading between the lines or looking just as closely at what is not said as much as what is.
That’s why at Japan Premium, we go to great lengths to try and understand what our clients are thinking – what they really want to say, what effect they hope their message will have and even give advice when we think our phrasing would be more persuasive or effective than the original text.
At Japan Premium, we see ourselves as a bridge to the world – steadfast, reliable and dedicated.

「A Bridge to the World」
Our commitment at Japan Premium



List of translation and proofreading experience

          Letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Justice of Japan

   Recommendations from referees

       Itsuro Terada                                   Keiichi Tadaki
   (Former Chief Justice                               (Former Prosecutor-General
   of the Supreme Court of Japan)               of the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office)



Translation and interpreting
The key to success in business and diplomacy is to accurately convey the ideas on the source side and properly understand the opinions of other countries.
Japan Premium hopes to further the understanding of people with different cultures and help them to communicate smoothly.




Dispatch of foreign national staff
As globalization progresses, foreign staff are becoming important human resources for educational institutions and companies.
Japan Premium will dispatch the most suitable foreign staff to meet the needs of our clients.



Global human resource development
With the globalization of Japanese people, the framework of business has expanded to many countries, and more confidence is needed instead of more knowledge (competence). We provide a communication upskilling program that will lead to improved confidence.