Translation fees

Well-versed in law, our translators pay careful attention to the legal issues, create accurate translations quickly and carefully, and provide their services at a reasonable cost.

In general, there are two ways that translation companies calculate the translation fees: either by the “number of words or characters in the source language” (i.e., in the original text sent by the client) or the “number of words or characters in the target language” (i.e., in the finished translation to be given to the client”.
The latter method means the client doesn’t actually know how much the fees will be. A wordy translation will cost more than a succinct one. At Japan Premium, we choose to use the former method since this enables us to give an accurate estimate to our client using which they can make a decision as to whether to use our services or look for another company.

 JPN to ENG        ENG to JPN    
(Internationai conferences/sympsia/
business negotiations)

English editing
One Japanese charactor:
From 20yen
One English word:
From 25yen

One day (within seven hours): From 80,000yen

Half-day(within three hours):From 50,000yen
Extra hours:From10,000yen / hour

One English word:
From 15yen

* All of the above fees are exclusive of tax
Payments may also be made by credit card (credit card charge may be incurred)

English translation (Japanese → English)

If the request is a Japanese-to-English translation, the number of Japanese characters in the original text will be counted.

Punctuation marks also count as one character.

For example, suppose the original text comes to 100 characters in the Japanese language.

The fees will be calculated by multiplying the number of characters by the unit price of 15 yen (minimum charge).

Example: 100 (number of Japanese characters) x 15 yen = 1,500 yen

Japanese translation (English → Japanese)

If the request is a translation from English to Japanese, the number of English words in the original text will be counted.

Punctuation marks do not count as one word.

For example, suppose the original text comes to 100 English words.

The fees will be calculated by multiplying the number of words by the unit price of 20 yen (minimum charge).。

Example: 100 (number of English words) x 20 yen = 2,000 yen


Please note that after an interpreter has been booked, a cancellation fee will be apply for any cancellation or changes in date and time.

- 4-5 days before the booked date: 30% of the entire quoted fee.

- 2-3 days before the booked date: 50% of the entire quoted fee.

- Day of the booking or day before: 100% of the entire quoted fee.

* In addition, if a considerable amount of time was spent by the interpreter to prepare in advance, the client may be charged a 100% cancellation fee from 3 days in advance.

* Calculations will be made counting business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

* Any location outside of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba or Saitama or more than 100km from Tokyo Station will be treated as a business trip and charged accordingly.

The coordinator in charge will explain in detail about domestic business trips and overseas business trips.

Flat-rate services

Have you experienced any of the following problems?

・ I am a little bit worried because I’ve been assigned to the international affairs department.
・ Just hearing the words “internationalization” and “globalization” makes me feel out of my depth.
・ I can’t think of a more sophisticated way of saying, “Thank you very much.”
・ Do I need to start by taking about the season or weather like with a Japanese letter when I’m writing in English?
・ How do I address the other person?
・ My boss told me to correct and proofread the English text, but I don’t know how to.
・ I’m not sure if the grammar is correct, so I’d like someone to check it.
・ I have to insert some words in the original English translation, but I don’t know where to put them.
・ I have an email that I would like translated into English, but I think it’s too short to ask a translation company so translate it.
・ I received a letter written in English and I just want a summary of what it says.
・ When the caller speaks in English, I can’t catch what the person is saying and don’t know how to respond.
・We had a meeting held in English and we need a transcript.
We can solve the above problems. That’s what sets us apart from other translation companies.